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We are a full service small animal hospital providing most common routine services. Lake View Veterinary Service has full in-house blood chemistry, x-ray, ultrasound, and also serves as a surgical referral center.

Dr. Bettin has a strong interest in surgery, especially orthopedics and neurosurgery and keeps as up to date as possible on new techniques and procedures.

He is now also offering spinal surgery for intervertebral disc disease and other spinal cord problems. We perform myelograms in-house and have access to CT imaging to provide accurate diagnosis for these complex diseases.

Dr. Bettin likes to work closely with referring veterinarians and will gladly provide a second opinion or offer any assistance that he can to his colleagues.


Canine spay and neuter surgery is now performed as an outpatient procedure, meaning dogs can go home the same day as surgery. All routine surgeries are closed with buried absorbable suture, so no stitches to take out or chew on!

Canine spay under 50# $160.00
Canine spay over 50# $200.00
Canine neuter $150.00


Feline spay and neuter surgery is now performed as an outpatient procedure, so cats can go home same day. Declaw surgery patients do need to stay overnight so bandages can be removed the next morning. All surgery is performed with buried absorbable suture, so there are no stitches to take out.

Feline Spay $140.00
Feline Neuter $80.00
Front Declaw $120.00

Vaccinations may be done at the time of surgeries. It is recommended that Distemper and Leukemia be given twice the first year and yearly after that. Rabies is given once the first year and a booster once a year later. After that rabies is only given every three years unless there is exposure of wild animals.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Dr. Bettin and staff were AMAZING with our rottie, Duke. They got him in right away to fix a broken leg from being hit by a vehicle. They were very thorough and upfront about everything they needed to do. Very caring and patient, highly recommend for your pet's needs. Thanks again!"
    Kimberly R.
  • "Doc Bettin and the staff are excellent! They really care about our pets and always provide the best care!"
    C Shobha S.